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Corona virus is an epidemic that creates fear in our country. The high spreading power of the virus increases fears. Information quickly shared through social media and the press makes it difficult to distinguish true from false information. On the positive side, such anxieties and fears lead us to learn more about the virus, and therefore to look for ways to take precautions and protect ourselves.

Events such as epidemics are perceived as a threat to one’s existence. None of us want to lose our health, we do not want to die, if we are sick, we want treatment. This anxiety and fear are increasing, as there is no cure for this virus, such as a vaccine, medicine, etc., which has been found so far.

The epidemic, which creates ignorance and threat, continues to negatively affect people’s psychology. Discomforts such as panic attacks, high levels of stress, phobia, insomnia and eating problems increase in people.

Epidemics can cause them to change or restrict their vital activities.

People fear or withdraw from crowded places such as concert venues, shopping malls or public transport. In such a case, important areas such as a person’s social life, business life or education life can be affected.

At the same time, protecting our psychological resilience in the face of the epidemic is another important issue.

We should try not to influence and frighten each other by talking negatively about the subject with those around you.

We need to be careful with the conversations you make in front of children. If he sees you worrying and panicking, your child will begin to fear.

You should give short and concise information about the subject in accordance with your child’s age. Because keeping quiet or not satisfying his curiosity will arouse more anxiety in your child.


At the same time, children who are exposed to news about Corona or adult conversations may be afraid, and the panic in parents can cause the same negativities in children. For this reason, parents should pay attention to the conversations they will make with their children. It should not be understood here to be completely silent on the subject. Ignoring the truth by being completely silent will increase the child’s anxiety. In accordance with the child’s age and developmental level, it would be best to give information about the ways of protection from Corona virus and all other diseases.

1. Calm down first

it is important that we have common sense and ensure our self-regulation. We are unlikely to be able to help our child without being calm ourselves. It is beneficial to sit down, take a deep breath, notice the solid ground under our feet, and focus on our body sensations.

2. Beware of information pollution

It is useful not to rely on news of uncertain origin. First, as adults, we must create a sterile space for ourselves. Disinformation brings nothing but worry.

3. Do not hesitate to respond

There is no need to hide the developments from the child, to act as if nothing is happening. It is very important to make an explanation appropriate to the developmental period the child is in. “Viruses are very tiny, microbe-like things that we cannot see with the naked eye. Meanwhile, there is a virus spreading in our world. Scientists are working to recognize this virus and take precautions.”

4. Explain the precautions to be taken

Stating that we are safe now, addressing the measures taken against the virus allows children to feel safe and resilient. Such as washing your hands regularly, not touching your face, eating regularly, sleeping, not being in crowded environments for a while, closing your mouth when sneezing.

6. Stick to routines

It is very important to stick to routines, especially in times like these.

7. Keep away from scary news

Keeping children away from scary news and conversations is important to avoid disinformation and agitation.

8. Chat about her feelings

You can chat with your child about their feelings. How this process made him feel, what it made him think, where it was in his body…


Draw a picture of the virus and make it funny. Then you can delete them to destroy them.

You can make a virus shape with dough and make it funny too.

You can make puppets from socks and destroy them by spraying them.


Every time you wash your hand, you can put a cross on it by saying that another has disappeared or you can delete it.

If MASK is required;

You can draw pictures on the masks.

9. Give courage


After accepting this fact, it is important to get out of panic and become aware of the necessary precautions and take appropriate steps accordingly. We should not forget that the necessary level of fear will help us to act consciously, but when it starts to affect our daily life negatively, we must take it under control. In such cases, getting help from an expert will benefit you.

And now is the time for everyone to be much more discreet. It saves not individual, but social healing and consciousness.

It should be noted that viruses more easily settle in the most vulnerable bodies. Paying attention to health and hygiene both physiologically and increasing our psychological resilience will protect us.

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