Coronavirus and Social Anxiety

The World Health Organization declared a pandemic (global epidemic) for the new corona virus disease, which has affected almost the whole world. After the virus, which emerged in China and spread rapidly to other countries, entered Turkey, serious measures began to be taken. At this point, hygiene and social isolation are of great importance.

So, how does our mental health go through this process that we care about our physical health?

It is very important for us how busy we are with thoughts that cause intense anxiety, such as “What if it never goes away?” “What if it messed with me?” So what can we do about the anxiety that keeps our body and mind constantly busy?

  • Fear and anxiety caused by epidemics are normal. Anxiety is not expected to be zero. When the level of anxiety interferes with vital activities, it brings problems. High level and persistent anxiety can reduce resistance to the virus as it negatively affects our immune system.

  • We are rapidly and intensely exposed to news, images, true or false information about the epidemic on television, social media and around us. Therefore, the state of anxiety and panic follows a continuous course. It would be helpful to follow reliable sources.

  • Watching the news about Corona at all hours of the day and doing research on the internet will cause the mind to constantly focus on this issue. Instead, watching in certain time periods, acquiring and closing the information can reduce your level of anxiety.

  • You can distract your mind, which is constantly busy with Corona, by meditating, reading your accumulated books, organizing your room or exercising.

  • Breathing exercises are a strong support for strengthening yourself and reducing your anxiety. You can find videos about proper breathing on the internet.

  • Being able to control our anxiety as an adult is very important because it is not possible for us to help our child. It is useful to make an explanation in accordance with the developmental stage of each child. An explanation such as “There is a virus in our interim world and scientists are trying to take measures to protect it from this virus” may be appropriate. ”Do you know? This holiday, which we will spend playing different games at home together, will be very enjoyable for us. It will be enough to answer as many questions as your child asks. Giving too much information on the part of the questions he didn’t ask can cause confusion in the child.

  • Being away from your loved ones due to social isolation can make you anxious. Talking and communicating with them will make you feel good.

  • In this process, which is spent indoors and together, it is useful to include different themes instead of Corona. Games can be played together in a way that keeps the distance.

  • Despite all this, if you think that you cannot overcome your anxiety, it is useful to get support from a Psychologist.

Due to the global problem we are in, each of us has responsibilities. As long as we fulfill our responsibilities, I hope that we will come out of this process in the healthiest way individually and socially.

Stay well,

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