Coronavirus and Psychology

The world has struggled with epidemics for thousands of years. Examples of what is happening today have been encountered in history..

The good news is that none of the epidemics lasted very long. Humanity has become immune to diseases. So this is a period, it will pass.. Good days to come are near.. Is it that easy?

We licked up the ways to protect ourselves from Corona, put the cologne in our pockets, how will we protect our mental health in the process?

A few tips

1- First of all, don’t watch too much news about covid-19 (coronavirus). Follow the agenda at intervals. Do not watch videos of patients who have been exposed to this disease. Worrying about illness is helpful to protect us from it, but too much worry will not be positive for our mental health. Of course, this should not mean much relief. We should not forget to take our precautions and wear our mask. We should distance ourselves from people who do not behave properly and neglect their precautions, and we should not meet for a while.

2-Breathing and relaxation exercises, meditation are helpful in dealing with anxiety, start to relax yourself from your body. For this, you can watch yoga and meditation videos and practice it at home very easily.

3-Eat a healthy and balanced diet, have a sleep pattern. A healthy diet and regular sleep are the solutions to many of your problems. For this, three meals a day are recommended, and foods should be made in a healthy way at the right times. Especially in the evening, foods with heavy carbohydrates should not be consumed. On the other hand, an average of 8 hours of sleep should be taken every day. Interrupted sleep, sleeping late in the evening and sleeping during the day will make you feel tired. Avoid excessive alcohol/substance use.

4- Get a hobby. Find an activity that you will produce and that you will feel good about. Emptiness always pushes a person into negative thoughts that they don’t need. Being at home doesn’t mean doing nothing. Paint, do a sport regularly, learn to play an instrument, etc.. you will feel better.

5- Establish communication with people who push you to think calmly and logically. Remove people who are loaded with panic and negative thoughts from your life during this period. In fact, not only in this period, but also in general, stay away from people who will make you feel bad, even if they are good.

To the days when we can hug again with health.

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