Coronavirus and Mental Health

For a while, we have been going through a process both as a country and as a world, and we are going through. In this process, we are faced with the same virus, COVID-19, known among the public, Corona, almost without borders, and we do not know what to do. This uncertainty is about the virus in front of us, what kind of process it will follow and how long it will last. For this reason, various reactions have emerged in many people since the beginning of the process. These; are the fight-or-flight and freeze reactions that occur when we encounter any threat. These reactions are very natural and very human. For this reason, many of us do nothing as an escape reaction or lead their normal lives as if nothing happened; some of us have reacted to fight by taking the necessary precautions and we are doing so.

In addition to these reactions, almost more than half of people experience intense anxiety and stress. As I mentioned above, stress and anxiety are very natural and very human emotions. In addition, the emotions that keep us alive and alarm us because when we experience these emotions, we take precautions, we say what should we do, and we take action. So, what happens when these feelings turn into compelling ones for us? If we come to that point, yes, every emotion has a certain function, but when these emotions exceed a certain level and become disruptive to our functionality, such as our social life, our relationships with our family, we begin to experience difficulties. Depending on this anxiety, we can sit all day depending on eating or not eating more, constantly wanting to do new things, or vice versa, doing nothing, producing or low motivation. For this reason, if you are experiencing one or more of the things I mentioned above during this period, do not burden yourself too much because all of them are very normal. If you don’t want to do anything, don’t force yourself to do something. See what that feeling tells you. Every emotion tells you something. Therefore, listen to your feelings and do not close yourself.

We can experience these feelings in a more balanced way by getting the right information from real experts and scientifically-based people working in this field. In order to understand that it is correct information, we can keep your anxiety more functional by listening to the consistent, clear and transparent information said by many health professionals or people working in the field, and by limiting the time to follow the news.

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