Coronary angiography

Coronary angiography, in the roughest sense, is the process of filming the heart vessels. Radiation to the heart vessels
Films are taken from various angles by administering the drug that appears below, and clogged vessels are detected. If
If there is no occlusion in the vessels, this is also detected by coronary angiography. Contrary to a common misconception, coronary
aniography is not a treatment method, it is a diagnostic procedure that allows us to learn the condition of the heart vessels.
If vascular occlusion is detected, balloon-stent procedure is started and again using the aniography system.
balloon stenting is performed. Both aniography and balloon stent procedures are not surgical and these procedures are
No narcosis is used during If the procedures are performed using the wrist vein, only the inguinal vein can be applied to that area.
If it is done using local anesthesia, only local anesthesia is given to that area.
Both the wrist or groin procedures are performed on the heart vessels and are essentially the same procedure.
However, if the physician deems it appropriate, the wrist is mostly used today. Angiography of the wrist and
After balloon stent procedures, if the physician deems it appropriate, the patient is discharged 2-3 hours later.
can happen.

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