Corona Virus and Vaccine Fear

Concern about the coronavirus epidemic and vaccine poses a great risk to mental health. The whole world was left alone with a situation that people did not know at all, what should be done and what should not be done, a voice came from every head, so our psychology was inevitably shaken in this sense. When we look at the psychology of disease, it is not the disease that wears people out, but the consequences of the disease. We can collect these stages under the following headings.

1. Shock Stage: It is the first stage that the person goes through when he encounters the disease or someone from his close environment.

2. Denial Stage: “This disease cannot happen to me, the tests are mixed, a wrong diagnosis has been made.” have thoughts.

3. Anger Stage: Why did this disease happen to me, why do I have such thoughts when there are so many bad people in the world?

4. Bargaining Stage: It is the stage in which the person almost bargains with the disease and has thoughts such as “I shouldn’t be sick again, if you take my medications regularly, I will get better”.

5. Depression, Anxiety Anxiety Disorders Stage

6. Acceptance Phase

The vaccination process is promising for the whole world, it is the best prevention method that can be done at the moment, but I see that it is a nervous and fearful wait for some people. Although people with a fear of needles seem to be few in our society, this is not the case. Fear of needles is classified as Blood-Injection-Injury type phobia in current mental disorders diagnosis systems. We always hear from our environment, go after them to overcome your fears, face them, but it is not such a simple issue, on the contrary, in order to overcome your fear of deep subject, first of all, dysfunctional ideas must be realized gradually. During the vaccination, a biphasic anxiety arises, during the first seconds of exposure to the feared stimulus, a high physiological activity occurs, that is, psychosomatic symptoms appear “I am very hurt, I feel nauseous, dizzy, my arm hurts a lot …”

If it is not possible to overcome the fear of needles by confronting and going against it, it is necessary to get psychological support from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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