Coping with the Belief that You Are Unworthy and Flawed

If you have a flaw scheme; You live with the belief that you are deficient and inadequate. So that; none of your achievements will completely destroy this feeling that lies deep inside you. You tend to deftly conceal this reinforced belief that you are flawed. Sometimes you prefer to fight by running away from this feeling. You have a hard time convincing that someone truly loves you. Because your belief that you don’t have lovable qualities is ingrained. Your sense of self; corrupted or distorted. Whatever you do, there are deficiencies in the profile formed in your mind about you. Hiding is sometimes the easiest. The most important part is how your sense of imperfection about yourself takes shape and takes root in your soul.

In your childhood, if your parents constantly criticized you, set rules for you with destructive rigidity, made you feel “unwanted” because of your existing self characteristics, “I am unwanted, inadequate, flawed and deficient” perception occurs in your mind. Your parents made you feel “useless” at the slightest attempt. Whatever you do, according to your parents, every job you do is missing a piece.

With every criticism of your parents, the seeds of the belief that you are “not good enough for anything” are planted in your mind. You learn to belittle yourself from your parents. As a result of years of criticism culture, you become your own judge. You learned to criticize yourself “best” from your parents. The slightest mistake can create the infrastructure for you to be upside down and rewind.

Starting a new job in your adult life takes courage. Because your belief that you are not good enough at anything is ingrained. You feel deep shame when you face your belief in imperfection. If your parent told you during your development; If he told you that you were incompetent, worthless, and not good enough for anything, you bring those feelings into adult life and make them your inner voice. You have been constantly criticized for how you looked, acted, or talked in the past. You have not been valued enough for who you are, that is, because of your own structural characteristics. Perhaps you have linked your lack of love with your own imperfection and inadequacy.

The sentences that your parents used to criticize you have now become your inner voice. So that; Contrary to these sentences you have heard for years, it is not easy enough for you to believe. This sound has become a part of your life. Even when you’re feeling most successful, it reminds you in the background what you never wanted to hear. Your inner voice is brutal, punitive, and harsh. It reminds you that you are flawed and weak at almost every stage of your life. You stand up with all your might and try to provide spiritual satisfaction with new achievements, but the critical inner voice reminds you that your successes are temporary and that a large share of your success is not actually yours.

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