Coping with Emotional Hunger

emotional hunger ; It is called the feeling of hunger that comes suddenly and is guided by the emotions of the person. It is a form of nutrition that we need when we feel anger, sadness, anger or happiness. The person experiencing emotional hunger sometimes wants to escape from an emotion he/she feels at the moment, and sometimes he/she may be fed to feel an emotion he/she needs at that moment. With this sudden feeling of hunger, a person may turn to junk food, regardless of what he eats. The feeling of fullness disappears and the focus is on food consumption, regardless of quantity. The feeling of regret and disappointment after food consumption is one of the most important characteristics of a person’s emotional hunger. Compensatory behaviors are generally observed after the regrets experienced (self-induced vomiting, stomach emptying drugs, etc.).

People who realize that they are fed with emotional hunger and want to cope with this situation should first accept the situation they are in. It is a very important step to reflect on those moments and realize that the real reason for nurturing is purely emotional needs. Another important step is to keep an emotional food diary. A diary in which you write down what situations and with what feelings you have been consuming food for 1 or 2 weeks. Among the issues that need to be restructured in the life of people who want to change their diet with emotional hunger are regular and adequate sleep and physical activities in their lives.

Why shouldn’t the nutritional disorder you experience be caused by your psychological or mental state?

As a result of the above-mentioned awareness, if people who are fed with their emotions cannot cope with the accepted emotions, it is definitely recommended to get support from a specialist. If the emotional hunger is caused by the psychological and spiritual state of the person, it will be the right choice to get help from a psychologist who specializes in nutrition.

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