Coping with Disappointment

Dealing with disappointment is one of the most difficult emotional states, and it is also deceptive. Because almost every day, it is possible to face new situations that can cause disappointment.

Sometimes the disappointment comes out of nowhere, or sometimes it’s considered huge and lifestyle-altering in a literal sense. But at the same time, things that are small, annoying, and cause for anger can also lead to frustration.

The brain has difficulty dealing with disappointment. The biggest reasons for this are the disappointment experienced by the individual not only on the changes on himself, but also on how the social environment he is in changes his views towards him.


The first step in dealing with disappointment is accepting the situation and normalizing it. The situation that causes frustration can happen to others. Everyone experiences disappointment in their life, and some of them may be bigger or smaller than the current situation.

In addition, evaluating the situation from a new perspective is one of the important methods of coping with disappointment. At this point, what needs to be done is to consider the situation that causes disappointment from a different angle and to adopt an objective point of view instead of evaluating it emotionally. In this way, disappointment can be turned into an experience and used to avoid a similar situation in the future.


One of the things to do when experiencing disappointment is to change the way the person talks to himself. Instead of focusing on how bad the situation is, focusing on the next step to get out of this situation produces extremely positive results.

It is always helpful to use positive sentences and make plans to overcome no matter how difficult the situation is. However, these plans should not be big plans such as moving to another country, but rather smaller and easier plans. When these plans come true, the individual becomes more enthusiastic about taking the next step. Completing or achieving something gives the individual a chance to prove himself.

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