Contributions of Compassion to Mental Health

While giving great importance to physical health; we forget that mental health determines physical health and psychological well-being. The body develops in its natural flow without our intervention, and we cannot resist this development. On the contrary, we need to invest in the development of the soul.

If we keep the soul’s immune system strong, the body’s immune system will also be strong. The basis of psychological resilience is the heart that realizes its compassion. Compassion is one of the basic virtues that feeds mental health and psychological well-being. A person who approaches himself, the environment and nature with compassion, gets in touch with himself, his environment and nature better and lives a satisfying life.

Compassion is the healing of the soul. We must try to decipher the language of the soul. We need to choose goodness for the strengthening of our compassion and psychological resilience.

It is the presence of compassion in them that makes all the virtues we have meaningful. There is compassion in all the emotions in our life. Compassion is a feeling that we are born with and that gets stronger as we get older on the path of life. If we do not nurture the compassion inherent in our creation and are deprived of compassion, our spirit will lose its vitality. The soul, which has lost its vitality, cannot fully do justice to life, cannot experience satisfaction in human relations, and stays away from the healing resources that exist for itself.

A person should return to his heart, not stay away from himself, he should know and love himself. People don’t like, don’t care, don’t invest in what they don’t know. The basis of psychological capital is self-awareness, which is as important as compassion. At the end of the road, we will first give an account of the life we ​​have lived and lived, the good or bad traces we have left.

One should experience life with his own eyes, with his own mind. Not to be seen; One must live to see, to be the outstretched hand.

In human life, the function of compassion is vital in preventing the hardening of the brain and heart.

Compassion is the mind and fuel of the heart. If the heart loses its compassion, it goes blind. Where the seeing eyes are not blind, the heart in the chest may go blind. We need to invest in our sense of compassion so that the heart does not become blind, hardened and lack peace of mind. Compassion makes our lives and everything we touch beautiful.

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