Contribution of phytotherapy to increase sperm count

All men all over the world are experiencing low sperm count. Research shows that the sperm count of people 50 years ago has dropped to 50% today. Compared to 100 years ago, this rate is even lower. While there are close to 150 million sperm in 1 milliliter of a man’s semen, experts consider this number to be 15 million today. A serious decrease in sperm count in the general population, even azoospermiaIt is also very common to see the so-called sperm that is not seen at all.


When smoking, pesticides in food, additives in food, air pollution, water pollution and stress factors, which are inevitably exposed in the modern world, are added, the most sensitive cells of the body – eggs in women, sperm in men – are damaged. Medicines used for ailments, some treatments (chemotherapy in cancer, radiotherapy) damage sensitive cells. These cells either decrease in number or disappear altogether. In addition to a decrease in sperm count, sperm motility may also be impaired.


Every family naturally wants to have children. For this, the door is not left unopened. Despite all efforts, sometimes results are not achieved. It may be insufficient to ensure the emergence of sperm when there is no sperm, to improve the problems in movements, and to correct the shape if it is distorted. First of all, all treatment methods of modern medicine should be tried, but the point that should be emphasized here is phytotherapywell herbal treatment.

Let’s underline that natural and herbal support and treatments are very important in the problem of male infertility, the problem of the absence and deficiency of sperm.


Many people who have knocked on every door for years but have not achieved improvements in their values, Dr. With the advice of Hakan Özkul, he regained his health after using some natural vitamins, minerals, amino acids and medicinal plants that are useful in eliminating the overall problems.

Every day, dozens of people who say, “May Allah be pleased with you, we did not have children, we have children, my wife is pregnant now, she is having a healthy pregnancy process” every day. He calls Hakan Özkul and stays in touch.


A healthy sperm development and healthy sexual organ development are very related to hormone balances. called male hormone testosterone The presence of the hormone is very important in the development of the male sexual organ and in the production of sperm. Vitamins, minerals, and some natural substances in energy metabolism contribute to a healthy sexual life.

Low testosterone values ​​can be increased with phytotherapy, or with medicinal plants, as the folk say.

When the necessary hormone balance is established, the developmental delay in sperm cells is corrected.


Sperm cells are very prone to degradation in terms of protein and genetic structure.

Factors such as smoking and air pollution cause deterioration in the DNA structure of the cell. Chemotherapy drugs used in cancer treatment can cause infertility in men. Because these are toxic chemicals.

TO pygenetic Some medicinal plants that have an effect on the gene have protective and healing effects on the gene. When we use these plants correctly, we protect the protein and DNA development of the cell. for example ginseng plantIn this sense, it is used extensively around the world.

After the nuclear disaster in Russia, the most consumed plant was ginseng. ginsengThanks to this, cell deterioration could be corrected over time.

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