Continuous Genital Arousal

PGAD (Persistent Genital Arousal Disorder, formerly – Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome), a very new disease that was first described in 2001 and is a condition in which involuntary orgasms are experienced during the day, occurs without any sexual stimulation and desire. If restless leg syndrome and urinary tract problems accompany it, it is called Restless Genital Syndrome.

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This involuntary, sometimes painful orgasm is not exactly an ejaculation, that is, it is a false orgasm, so the person cannot truly relax and unwind. Unexperienced relaxation can cause tension. The involuntary emergence of this situation and the inability to prevent it may cause anxiety, stress and depression in the person after a while, and problems may occur between partners. The body reacts as if in intercourse or masturbation, but the most important difference here is that there is no desire and often no pleasure. Similar reactions occur, such as rapid breathing, rapid heartbeat, tingling, convulsions, and flushing of the head and neck.

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It can be seen in all age groups, it can also occur during menopause. Although the exact number is unknown, it is estimated to occur in 1 out of 100 women. Causes can be examined under 2 main headings as psychological and organic reasons as in every disease; There are many different causes such as intense anxiety, depression, bipolarity, antidepressants used, varicose veins, diet habits, tarlov cysts, epilepsy, urinary tract problems, of course, there are cases where the reason is not clear. In other words, many reasons cause the emergence of the disease as a result of vasocongestion (blood collection) and nerve compression. There may also be different triggers such as tight clothes, contact, stress that reveal the involuntary body reactions experienced, it is important to reveal the situations in which they occur, sometimes reactions may start during a normal relationship and masturbation, sometimes it is known what started the event, most of the time it is not noticed how it started. A real masturbation, a real relationship, ice applications, exercise, distraction activities can provide temporary relief, but it is not a permanent solution.

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In this new disease group, the causes could not be clearly revealed and the treatments applied were not certain. It is a very dynamic disease in which a new cause and a new treatment method may emerge every year. First of all, a very detailed history should be taken and it is very important to make the diagnosis correctly, it can also be confused with different sexual diseases. Again, a detailed genital examination should be performed and the presence of cysts/masses should be examined, and the sensitive areas stimulated should be identified. Imaging of different suspicious body parts can be done. Of course, if the cause can be found, treatment will definitely be applied, but general treatment methods are very different, such as sexual therapy, psychotherapy, depression and anxiety medications, removal of sensitive tissues, neutralization of sensitive points such as botox, electrical stimulation therapy, special corsets, pelvic message methods, diet change. techniques are used.

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