Constipation Tightens the Brain…

Numerous books, journals and scientific research articles have been published in the last 10 years on the relationship between the brain and the gut. In these articles, it has been shown that brain health and gut health are related to each other. There are microorganisms that live in our intestines and enable the synthesis of many substances and vitamins. Most of these microorganisms are beneficial bacteria. There are also viruses, fungi, and parasites. Their number is considered to be about 10 times the number of normal body cells. In short, there are 10 trillion microorganisms living together. In fact, they are not only found in our intestines, they are also found in our skin, mouth, ears, other organs and even in our brains.

All of these microorganisms are called MICROBIOTA. They have many useful and vital jobs that they have done. For example, synthesizing vitamin K, helping the absorption of nutrients, stimulating the immune system, regulating it, ensuring the absorption of vitamin B12. In addition to the beneficial ones, there are microorganisms that we can call harmful or that are harmless in small amounts but become harmful when their number increases. These microorganisms not only use food opportunistically, but can also harm the body. It can cause constipation, gas, bloating and nutrient malabsorption. It also prepares the ground for the disease by affecting the immune system. In case of constipation, the microbiota organization is disrupted.

What is it in case of constipation? It can be defined as the person’s stool less than once a day or hard, difficult defecation. Although the normal defecation habit varies for everyone, it is normally necessary to defecate after each meal. Constipation is actually a disease rather than a complaint that needs to be addressed and evaluated on its own. In case of constipation, toxin accumulation in the body, flora changes, malabsorption, vitamin and mineral deficiency occur. In this case, the most affected organs are the brain and nervous system. The brain-gut axis is disrupted. Chronic inflammation occurs and many diseases are opened.

It is important to plan the treatment by considering it as a disease in itself and to organize the necessary nutrition program in order not to get constipated. In particular, it is necessary to stay away from ready-made foods, pastry foods, processed foods, and not to consume too much sugar and sweets. In the words of Hippocrates, ‘Diseases begin in the gut’. Likewise, health begins in the gut.

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