“Consent Construction” in Sexual Relationship

The concept of “consent construction” is as important as the concept of “consent” in sexual intercourse, because the construction of consent actually involves many manipulations. First of all, let me explain what consent is in sexual intercourse: it is the situation of confirming sexual intercourse with verbal or body language and most importantly with FREE WILL. Desiring sexual behavior and consenting to sexual intercourse are two different things. Consent to the previous sexual intercourse does not mean consent to the next intercourse.

The construction of consent is; It is to turn a sexual behavior that the person does not expressly consent to, that is, the answer NO to YES with some methods. In other words, it is the case of ignoring an obvious answer and ignoring the will of the person, obscuring the answer over time and manipulating it in a way that the person will unfortunately realize much later. These methods are; emotional pressure (make the other party feel bad), persuasion processes (especially financial support, high-priced gift), manipulation (receiving a yes answer by lying), emotional threat (saying that you will be with someone else if you don’t say yes, trying to comfort you (for post-partnership) The sentences that people who try to construct consent on you can often use are as follows;

1) Don’t you love me?

2) Don’t you trust me?

3) I’ve done so much for you!

4) If you don’t do it with me, then who will you do it with?

5) Well then why did you act like you wanted to?

Let’s not forget that all these behavior patterns are a violation of boundaries, other than not respecting your own will. For healthy sexual intercourse, the person should not put pressure on himself or even build consent.

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