Conscious Sedation

Fear of the dentist is a very common condition in our society. Because of this fear, many people
He cannot go to the dentist and delays his treatment. Or treat it in anxiety and worry
If you are worried and afraid while going to the dentist, ” Conscious
Sedation will ensure that your dental visits are fatigue-free and enjoyable.

Conscious sedation is achieved by breathing nitrogen protoxide (laughing gas) into the patient.
he is open and his reflexes are not lost, he responds to speech. By inhaling this gas, the patient
feels relief, fear and anxiety disappear. It causes laughter in the patient when inhaled too much.
It is also called laughing gas because it is a laughing gas. Conscious sedation has been used in dentistry for many years.
It is a method. After the inhalation of the gas is stopped, within 5 minutes everything returns to the old way and you can easily take it with you.
You can return to your home without an accompanying person.

Benefits of Conscious Sedation;

It eliminates the anxiety and fear of the patient.

Nausea and vomiting reflexes disappear.

It removes the uneasiness that may occur during long treatment sessions.

It provides ease of treatment in incompatible pediatric and adult patients.

Provides treatment compliance for mentally and physically disabled children.

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