Conscious parenting: preparing for the baby

Conscious Parenting: Preparing for the Baby

Being a parent, planning to be a parent and waiting for the baby’s arrival for 9 months seems like a long time, but it is a process that disrupts the habits we have acquired in our lives, that is, changes our safe spaces. These changes can cause parents to experience intense emotions such as stress. So, how does this new order and our process of getting used to it progress? What developmental processes does your baby go through until birth? How do we prepare for the process?

Learning what happens to your baby during pregnancy in order to better keep up with the preparation process will help you become conscious and start getting to know your baby who is not yet there. The emotional and psychological development of the baby, as well as its physical development, begins while it is still in the mother’s womb. According to researches, the heavy events experienced by your mother and father and even your parents are transmitted by genes. However, the feelings and experiences of the mother, such as what she ate and drank during pregnancy, also begins to directly affect the baby. A mother with intense anxieties transfers these worries to her baby. By entering the 5th month of pregnancy, the baby begins to hear, and in the 6th month, he begins to distinguish and recognize the sounds he hears. For this reason, talking with the baby, which supports many different developments after birth, has an important place before birth and the first steps of attachment are taken. What about parents?

It is natural for the thought of change in our safe spaces to cause feelings such as stress and fear, and you are not alone. Ask yourself “What is going on in my life? What is changing? What will change next?” You will find that you relax as you come out of the deep waters of the unknown and try to get to know the shore ahead. Yes, knowing what you need after you relax a bit will help you feel more confident and help reduce your fears. You can have an idea of ​​what you will encounter by reading books on baby development. As a suggestion, Haluk Yavuzer’s “Physical, Mental and Social Development and Your Child’s First 6 Years” will be a beautiful and informative book in many ways. Besides books, you can plan how to spend quality time with your baby by learning new children’s songs, fairy tales and games.

Ask yourself again, “What kind of parent do I want to be?” Answer this question by thinking only about the parent model you want, without calculating what you can do. Then look at where you are right now and decide what you want to do. Be patient, but in the process, don’t stop taking care of yourself, keep doing what you love to do, and keep making time for what’s possible. Do not forget that your baby needs you to be healthy and happy, and for this you need to be healthy and happy. When you look back, do not forget to enjoy these moments that you will remember well. Keep a diary, for example; What did you feel today, when did the first kick come, what was your worst nausea like, write it all down and photograph it.

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