Conflict in Relationships

Conflict is normal in every human relationship and it should be experienced. Because each person’s wishes, expectations, values, life experiences, culture, and acceptances are different. It is an expected situation in families. Contrary to popular belief, there are disagreements and arguments in happy couples, but happy couples do not find conflict in such situations. They know how to manage in a relationship. It can be thought that there is complete harmony in a relationship, there is no conflict, one side renounces his own self and prefers to remain silent to continue the relationship. The important thing is not disagreements, but how to conclude it in a positive way. or they have an accusatory, critical discussion, where no one listens, understands or tries to understand anyone. This may make their problems even more intractable. Even on an unimportant issue, all old notebooks can be opened and an agenda can be made for the couple to discuss all the unresolved problems of 20 years. Here, couples come to counseling for help. We can’t talk, we argue when we talk, and we can’t solve our problems. They hear what their partner means, what they expect, what they need, and most importantly, how they feel. They have been married for years and have lived without knowing and hearing each other’s needs, wishes and feelings. They have lived through marriage as a power struggle and turned it into a race to be right, but they are not aware of this. Actually, just listening to it will be enough to solve many problems, but not hearing what their spouse says is behind their ears. ruins relationships.

In family counseling, couples learn how to listen to each other and how to express their wishes, needs and demands when faced with communication problems. The most important feature of happy couples is that they see each other as a team, not an enemy, and always focus on being happy rather than being right. I think that getting help from a family counselor is necessary for the happiness of couples and for the children to grow up in a healthy family environment.

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