Conflict Between Couples

Many studies prove that married couples don’t actually know each other that well. In fact, although many people think that they know the person in front of them, this idea is just a big illusion.

Knowing a person’s place of birth, date, zodiac sign, schools, financial situation and similar information is never enough to get to know that person.

You don’t know enough about a person whose tastes, hobbies, fears, dreams, and reactions you don’t know. Before taking an important decision such as marriage, you should measure how well you know the person in front of you and make this important decision after your evaluation.

What Happens If You Realize You Don’t Know Your Spouse?

You may suddenly realize that you don’t really know your partner at all. When you realize that you don’t know his favorite color, favorite author or favorite fruit, you start listing what you don’t know about him. Even if your spouse has presented himself as a different person to you, over time you may discover who he is.

While your spouse may not reflect the family structure to you at the beginning of the relationship, he may turn into a very different person regarding his family after marriage. All such situations can cause conflict between couples. Just because you don’t know your spouse well enough doesn’t mean you can’t.

As there are many problems that cause conflict between couples, it should not be ignored that these problems will have a solution. Although it can be disappointing to think that you do not know your spouse or to face this, it is always possible to maintain relationships where love and respect are preserved.

Situations That Cause Conflict Between Couples

Miscommunication is one of the most fundamental problems between couples. Problems are bound to grow as spouses hesitate to share, discuss and talk about their problems. The most basic solution for spouses to get to know each other and not conflict is through communication.

Unfortunately, families are at the root of conflicts between couples. Situations that are not a problem between two people can become a problem when families are involved. The family’s intervention in the couple’s relationship, their expectations from the relationship, and their unsympathetic behavior are among the situations that cause conflict.

People who decide to marry with the hope that the other person will change, often experience disappointment. This disappointment can be experienced because the other party does not accept the change or because the dream does not come true when it changes. For this reason, it is inevitable that conflicts arise in relationships where direct change is expected. It will be much more constructive for couples to try to rasp their mutually offensive features instead of a demand for change.

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