Conflict at Work

Conflict in the workplace or organizational conflict can be defined as the disagreements that arise between the conflicting parties. (Saruhan and Yıldız, 2009: 289). Conflict at the extremes can lead to devastating consequences.

Conflicts are divided into positive conflicts and negative conflicts.

There are differences between the concepts of conflict resolution and conflict management. Fundamentally, conflict management focuses on utilizing conflict for the organization. Conflict resolution approaches, on the other hand, are focused solely on conflict resolution.

I do not want to drown this article with academic explanations of conflict resolution methods, instead, finding and solving the methods together with you will make you happy too…

Conflict is actually a concept that covers the whole area of ​​life. If you are two or more people at home and in business, there will be problems in making joint decisions in every issue and action and conflict will arise. The destructive and constructive nature of the conflict may result in a destructive or constructive result with the behavior of you and the group or the individual you are in conflict with, or it can be taken together. While there were many negative thoughts in the past with the conflict being negative and destructive, positive opinions are more common today in line with the fact that the conflict brings new blood to the relations. is still.

…If the family company has more than one official, while having a management conflict among themselves, if you are a first-degree employee. You can be an employee or manager in a public or plaza. If you think that you are not understood among your colleagues, if you are unhappy with reasons such as stress, tension and your workload, let’s solve your problems together or think about how we can find a way….

You may have been exposed to mobbing at work. You may not be able to describe the psychological violence you have experienced, and you may not be aware that you are a victim. Workplace disrespect? Are you experiencing bullying? You cannot realize what you are in, but you cannot express it. You may not be able to understand or prove what this psychological violence you are experiencing is.

It may be reflecting this chaos environment in your family. You may be in an unhappy, sad and exhausted state, or you may be taking a step towards that path.

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