Conduct Disorder

A. Presence of at least three of the following 15 criteria and at least one diagnosis from any of the following categories in the past twelve months

manifested by the presence of the criterion in the last six months,

fundamental rights or age-appropriate major social values ​​or

A repetitive and persistent pattern of behavior in which rules are disregarded: Aggression towards People and Animals

1. Frequently bullies, intimidate or intimidate others.

2. Often starts a fight, a fight.

3. Any item that could seriously injure others (e.g. stick, stone, broken bottle,

knife, firearm).

4. He has been cruel to people.

5. He was cruel to animals.

6. Steal in front of the person (eg robbery, snatching, extortion, armed robbery).

7. Forced someone to engage in sexual activity. Breaking Things down

8. He deliberately started a fire with the intention of causing severe damage.

9. Deliberately damaged other people’s property (by starting a fire)

out of doing). Fraud or Theft

10. He broke into someone else’s house, building or car.

11. To obtain, gain or avoid obligations

often lies.

12. Stole non-ordinary objects (eg shoplifting; falsification) without being seen by others. Major Breaking the Rules

13. Beginning before the age of thirteen, despite the prohibitions of his parents,

frequent nights out.14. While living in the home of his parents or their successors, he ran away from home at least twice during the night or had run away from home once, where he did not return for a long time.

15. Beginning before the age of thirteen, they often miss school.

B. This conduct disorder is clinically impaired in social, school, or work-related functioning.

causes a significant decrease.

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