Concha/Nose Flesh Operation

What is concha?
In the ‘concha’ nose, there are three, sometimes four, on each side of the nose and it swells and descends.
structures that regulate respiration. When the veins fill with blood, these structures swell and the veins
they shrink when they shrink.

Humidifying and directing the air passing through the nose, nasal reflexes, receptors in the nose
It has useful tasks such as resting, resting by providing the lungs to work alternately.

When Do They Create Problems?
Conchas with normal structure and function only show a curvature in the walls that divide the inside of the nose into two.
When they swell, they cause a blockage on that side. This event is only on the nasal wall.
can be corrected by correction.

What are structural disorders?
They may be larger or smaller than normal. Polyps can form on them, although rare, tumors and some chronic
In diseases, its texture and therefore its structure may be damaged.

What are functional disorders? These structures, which swell and deflate at regular intervals throughout the day, are popularly known as the nose.
known as ‘meat’. With some diseases, they grow or their functions are impaired and they are more than normal.
they swell and disturb the person. Structural disorders occur in certain periods and can be treated with medication.
If it can improve, drug therapy can be applied.

They show permanent dysfunction or have an irreversible structure that cannot be reduced by drugs.
If they are reached, surgically, with laser, Shaver, or with the Radiofrequency method, which has been used frequently in recent years.
they are reduced.

A nose operation without an external skin incision, without much swelling or discomfort.
you will spend.

Therefore, you will need to take the necessary precautions.

In the middle turbinate, the most common problem is the swelling of the inside of the meat with air. This is called concha bullosa.
It can cause a runny nose. If it is too large, it also causes nasal congestion. Treatment of the outer half of the surgical
is to be removed. In noses with polyps, sometimes some of the turbinates may also be polyps. In this case
It is also necessary to remove the polyps.

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