Composite Laminated Veneer

Composite Laminated Veneerdental operations, composite filling It is made with materials called white fillings. The most important feature of Composite Laminated Veneer is that this process is only one session. This method can sometimes be prepared outside the mouth and attached with special adhesives. Composite Laminated Veneers, which can be bonded with the bonding method in the laboratory environment, require 2 sessions. Composite Laminated Veneercan be done in the following cases:

  • When there are defects on the front surface of the teeth
  • In cases of fractures in the anterior teeth
  • When the length of the front teeth is desired to be extended
  • In cases where there is a gap between the front two teeth, when the gap is desired to be closed
  • If the surfaces of the teeth are not smooth

Composite laminates need to be polished very well because they are applied using the composite filling technique. Therefore, during the treatment process, you may need to go to the clinic at certain intervals for the polishing process. composite laminates It is made for a very reasonable fee compared to porcelain laminates. You will be able to use composite laminates for many years when you perform the necessary procedures and take care of your teeth after the composite laminate application.

How is Composite Laminated Veneer Made?

Composite lamina is used to repair the fractures or cracks in the teeth and to remove the shape and discoloration of the teeth. Before this process, the color of the composite material is compared with the natural color of your teeth and a compatibility is sought. To start the process, your teeth are acidified and smoothed and a tape is applied to the place where the lamina will be applied to ensure that the lamina adheres well. After the application of the composite material, the material is placed on the tooth and hardened with high light. Finally, it is polished to have a natural appearance. As the areas where composite laminates made in a narrow area are applied widen, the probability of breakage also increases.

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