Composite Lamina (Bonding)

Bonding (also known as composite laminate) is the process of changing the shape of the teeth with adhesive systems (bonding agents used in dentistry) without the need for any abrasion and cutting on the teeth. Bonding is a method used to close the small spaces between the teeth, to give the deformed teeth an aesthetic form, to give normal size to the genetically small teeth, to lengthen the short front teeth and to restore the teeth that have been broken as a result of any trauma.

Depending on the quality of the composite materials used, the sensitivity shown during application, the patient’s oral care and the patient’s consumption of very hard foods, the duration of bonding restorations in the mouth varies. .

Although the composite materials used are close to the tooth tissue, their wear resistance is lower and they show discoloration over time. Coloring is minimized by polishing processes at the end of the process.

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