They are light-curing aesthetic materials used to restore tooth decay or trauma (fracture) for any reason. It can be used easily on both anterior and posterior teeth.

Advantages of Composite Fillers

  • The biggest advantages of composite fillings are their aesthetics.
  • They can be polished immediately after the filling is made.
  • It can be used not only for restoring caries, but also for cosmetic procedures by changing the color and shape of the teeth.

Things to pay attention

  • Being careful when biting into large fillings will extend the life of the filling.
  • Although composite fillings are well polished, discoloration may occur over time due to food and drink.
  • As with amalgam, there is no restriction such as not eating for 2 hours after the filling is made.
  • In teeth restored due to wear, a very hard toothbrush should not be used and the brushing method should be considered.

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