Communication with Children Before Bedtime

Sleep is a healing process in which what is experienced all day is processed. The brain evaluates the day in this half-closed state of consciousness.

Today, I tried to write about what you can do as parents during the sleep preparation phase, which I consider as golden minutes in preschool children, and how you can use these golden minutes to strengthen your relationship.

We said that the brain will analyze the whole day, or how about making last-minute investments while you sleep?

First of all, you can make your child feel how close you are to him, how much you love him, with a nice skin contact (good night kiss, hug, etc.).

How much I love you, so happy for your existence, how happy it makes me to be your mother.

What kind of day did you have today, for example, would you like to tell what did you like most, what did you feel sad about?

For me, it was a day like this: a little stressful, excited, very happy, very rested, very tired, you can give examples such as.

In accordance with the child’s age and emotional development, you can explain how you solved a problem that you encountered during the day, and if you could not solve it, what you would do to solve it.

If there has been a tension or conflict between you and the child during the day, you can open this issue in your calmest and calmest way, accept your mistakes if any, and convey what you will do and what you expect from them so that nothing like this will happen in the future.

So how do you think we were to each other today, do you think I had any misbehavior? You can listen to the answer by asking, you can give your feedback on this answer. Of course, do not forget to give your own answer for the same question.

You can remind him how much you love him again, wish him good night and wait for him to go to sleep.

We do not recommend sleeping in the same bed after the age of 4, but by accompanying him to sleep 1-2 days a week, if not every evening, you can do the accounting for the day and strengthen your bond with your child.

We emphasized love in the first place, then we did the accounting, and then we finished the subject with love. We made it between 2 loves, that is, the whole evaluation.

Stay with love.


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