Communication in the family

Communication in the family is important both for our own peace and for the integrity and happiness of the family.

If families experiencing conflict and restlessness cannot find a solution to their situation, it is inevitable that the mental health of family members will be adversely affected.

At this point, we can talk about three types of communication models.

* Healthy communication

* Conflicted communication

* Communication without communication

The most undesirable of these communication models is the ‘non-communication communication’ model. Because in this communication pattern, couples prefer to remain silent rather than talking about their problems. Over time, this miscommunication drags the relationship into an irreversible path.

In conflict communication, which is another communication model, people try to communicate using a defense mechanism rather than reconciliation.

couples; Because they use critical, judgmental, and manipulative communication methods, they cannot solve the problems and this situation wears the relationship even more.

In Healthy Communication;

Family members respect each other and their boundaries.

The family structure in which tolerance is adopted, appreciation and being a good listener take place in a unity is undoubtedly the healthiest.

So, what type of communication do you have in your family?

If you say you cannot communicate well, assume that family members will never be in your life… How does this make you feel?

Then, being grateful for their existence and being with you will make your relationship productive and put it on the path of healthy communication. .

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