Common Problems in Relationships

We encounter some situations more frequently in the clinical context in marriage and couple therapies. Communication problems, loss of respect/conflicts on disagreements, insecure attachment, jealousy and fear of being cheated on, closing oneself to the expectations of the spouse.

In my article, I will touch on common problems, regardless of male or female (of course, gender can differ significantly in certain situations). Although the subject is subjective, it is thought that it will benefit the reader because of the common problems in the clinical context.

Arm Wrestling: The couple is in a show of force in most cases, regardless of the content of the subject. Sometimes there may be a motive to just be right, to make the other person wrong and to embarrass them. From the outside, one might think why such an attitude is taken, because it is a couple in question. However, if the foundation of the relationship is already broken, if there is distrust and lack of understanding between the couples, it is quite possible. On the other hand, personality traits, temperament and other dynamics brought by people from the past can be factors in this.

Bypass: One of the couples has a problem, he doesn’t need to have a problem, he feels the need to tell about his joy or any event he has experienced, and naturally he turns to the person with whom he shares his life and chooses as his wife. His wife is neither present nor there. It looks like they are religions, but they are not really interested. He may think that the other person will not notice this, but he may be wrong. Because a person who is eager to tell it willingly can easily sense this.

Insecure attachment: Not being able to fully reflect positive emotions and attitudes towards the partner due to the dynamics of individual individuals from the past, especially with their childhood parents, and the effects of their later relationships. There are types such as anxious and avoidant attachment. In such attachments, the person not only puts himself in a constant tension, but also unintentionally puts an obstacle to a healthy union by reflecting negative energy on his partner.

Couples should reach out for whatever help they can get through such problems. There are helpful videos on the internet. Many books contain information on these topics. We live in an era of abundance in access. Relationship – marriage therapies are among the services that can be applied if the problems have become chronic and cannot be resolved. Ultimately, the important thing is to live life more pleasantly and peacefully.

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