Common mistakes in diet

????Lack of planning; What you will eat during the day should be planned in your mind the day before. Eating spontaneously often leads us to ready-made and processed foods.

????Some blended teas/powders whose content is not even known are sold in herbalists. I suggest you stay away from them. There may be some plants in it that disrupt the intestinal flora. (see senna) Excessive consumption of water and tea can both make you nauseous and turn you off from dieting. And one more note, these are usually not very useful ❕

????All or nothing logic, perfectionism; It doesn’t work for us in the diet process. The perception of a perfectionist diet is unfortunately not sustainable. Therefore, we should consider the target of compliance with diets as 80%.

???? Long hours of walking, jogging and exercise done to lose weight can make you tired and cause unwanted muscle and joint problems.

????While you are on a diet, being constantly exposed to toxic/negative sentences made by yourself or those around you reduces your diet motivation. You become unhappy and tend to eat more.

???? Setting big long-term goals is another factor that reduces your motivation in dieting. If you set goals that are too big, the road will get bigger and you may not even dare to start. You have to break up your big goals and turn them into small short-term goals. For example; Let’s say you are a woman weighing 93 kilograms and you want to lose weight. Your first goal should not be to drop to 60 pounds. The primary goal should be to reach 89 kilos and to fall under 90. Thus, you will be more motivated when you reach each goal.

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