Comfort Zone

Let’s consider a seat in the house that we have adopted for many years; Right next to us, we have food, drinks and a series of movies that we sometimes love and sometimes watch to watch… We all want to lie on that sofa and watch the movie and never disturb our comfort, right?
Let there be a noise that disturbs us while sitting on the sofa. Most of us may even ignore it so as not to disturb it. Even if the seat is very uncomfortable, we do not want to get up from there.

Here, the scene that comes to our eyes is a representation of our comfort zone in life. So what is the comfort zone?
comfort zone; it is the order, routines, and life standards that people are used to living, even if they are negative. In other words, it is the scenario he knows best about life. It makes people feel safe and comfortable, without risk. However, there are some moments that give people trouble.
So how?
Life is not a one-off journey. We experience some ups and downs. Sometimes we have to take risks, and sometimes we have to take action to improve ourselves.
Being unable to leave our comfort zone deprives us of many experiences in life, and we cannot experience important situations such as trying and failing. Order and trust are important, but if that comfort is holding us back from moving forward, it becomes damaging over time. It begins to keep us weak, incapable, and restricted from who we are.

What’s more, staying in the scenario as we know it won’t bother us just to stay put. Sometimes it’s really damaging. Because we do not know otherwise, we do not accept the harm done to us as something normal and try to intervene and change it. Whereas, the things that we see as normal and accept as possible are the difficulties that consume us day by day and they prevent us from a better alternative life.

Therefore, getting out of the comfort zone; Although it is sometimes worrying, it is important to try, fail if necessary, and succeed. The question here is not do I feel comfortable, but how good do I feel. To what extent can we feel ourselves as we are and feel good, both mentally and physically?

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