Colon Cancer Comes With Polyps

Genetic predisposition, malnutrition, obesity… As a result of all these, you are at risk of colon cancer if the benign polyps that occur in the intestine are not surgically treated.
Colon cancer comes with polyps

Colon cancer is a preventable and completely curable disease when diagnosed at an early stage. Malignant tumors located in the large intestine are known as cancer. Colon cancer is the second most common cause of death in Europe and third in the United States.

General Surgery Specialist Op. Dr. Cengiz Dibekoğlu said, “Most of the time, the disease may not show symptoms or complain until it progresses. However, there are preliminary findings in colon cancer. It is possible to detect cancer early by looking at these findings. Cancer often starts as a polyp. In other words, 80% of cancers in the large intestine firstly appear as polyps. For this reason, fighting them first can prevent the formation of colon cancer.
It is benign
Kiss. Dr. Cengiz Dibekoğlu said, “Polyps start out as benign formations and can turn into cancer over time. The size of polyps is important for the development of cancer. While the probability of cancer is low in polyps smaller than 1 cm, the risk increases over 2 cm.
If you have these symptoms, watch out!
– Change in bowel movements (such as diarrhea-constipation or persistent diarrhea or constipation)
– Red-colored bleeding from the anus, mixed or smeared blood in stool.
– Abdominal bloating, restlessness and unreasonable cramps, pains
– Feeling of not being able to fully relax after making wudu
– Fatigue (large intestine tumors bleed slowly and cause anemia, which can cause complaints such as fatigue and palpitations)
– Unexplained weight loss.
How should we feed?
– Consumption of fibrous foods is very important. It is recommended to take at least 30 grams of fibrous foods per day for intestinal health. All vegetables, fruits and grains are abundant in fiber.
– A diet rich in calcium is recommended
(yogurt and dairy products)
– Consumption of cereal bread has protective properties
– Avoid consuming excessive fatty foods and refined foods
– Calcium and folic acid supplements can be used.

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