Collagen consumption

Collagen Consumption

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Today’s topic is collagen; we can say that it is another popular product that has started to be consumed in many supplements, creams and many other areas.

So what is this collagen?

Collagen constitutes 6% of body weight and 30% of all body proteins. It is a type of protein. The fibrils and fibers that make up its structure are located in parallel bundles in the skin and tendons, and in different forms in the cornea, cartilage, bones and teeth in an irregular manner in the lungs.

If we look at their duties;

It gives strength to the tissues it is in, preserves the shape of the tissue and provides tensile strength to the tissue. Therefore, it is offered to more consumption as an anti-aging.

Due to aging, smoking and alcohol, lack of oxygen in the body, nutritional deficiencies, sun and other external factors, collagen synthesis in the body decreases from the mid-20s. Especially women experience a decrease in collagen synthesis after menopause.

Let’s talk about the place of collagen in the cosmetic industry, although collagen hydrolyzate is widely used in many creams as an anti-aging, there are also criticisms that it will be difficult to penetrate into the skin due to its high molecular size.

What Foods Are

Our body needs amino acids to produce collagen. For this, consuming foods such as meat, fish, chicken, eggs increases the production of collagen.

Also, let’s not forget that vitamin C is used in the production of collagen.

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