Cleaning the traces that poison your life

In this work, the negative effects of emotions, thoughts and behaviors on the individual and the skills of transforming them into positive are included.

Traces that Poison Life are the traces of the hardships and difficulties experienced in the past of each individual from infancy, childhood, adolescence to this age, and the unending effects of the bad and negative life that has happened to him, inflicting deep wounds and destruction on him.

These traces are the reflection of your memories and the primitive feelings of your past life, whose longing has opened a dagger wound in you, whose longing has opened a dagger wound in you, which is not experienced but not experienced, desired but not attained, unfulfilled, blocked, prohibited, suppressed and not allowed to express freely. and form strong traces. They make life poison for you, sometimes they burn you like a ember, they not only burn you, cause wounds, cause discomfort, poison life and make you dungeon, they also wear you out and open the doors of aging and extinction.

Become aware of the reality that it is not possible for you to turn back the past, to stop the time, question and confront your feelings, be conscious of these traces formed in thoughts. These traces of you yesterday are in the past, the past is in the past. Because you can’t say it, they reach the power that can’t be beat, can’t be beat, can’t be stopped, can’t be stopped.

It is in Your Hands to remove, tame and change these traces from your mind, consciousness and thoughts. Every cleaning and reset function will be a new step to make the accumulated positive and a clean start. In the face of the bright light of the present, which illuminates like the Sun, of the moment you are in, without relying on the weak lights of your past that are as dim as the candlelight; Concentrate on this Moment, These Minutes. Live this moment to the fullest as you wish, enjoying, loving, being loved, peace and happiness.

In this work, it is explained that it is only in your hands to discover your abilities, strength and personal equipment and lead a healthy and happy life without being damaged, worn out, staying young and vigorous.

The sequel to this work is my book: THE SECRETS TO EXTENDING YOUR LIFE

My second book, titled, was published in January 2017. You can access it from online bookstores.

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