Circumcision complications, errors and treatment


Routine Circumcision Is Not a Harmless Traditional Practice

Circumcision is defined as the cutting of the natural foreskin (foreskin) covering the glans penis in men. Religious male circumcision is routinely performed in Muslim and Jewish communities. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that 30% of men in the world are circumcised. It is the most performed surgical procedure in the world.

Circumcision is not a simple procedure without complications. Complications can be seen in 1 out of 1000 children in routine circumcision performed by specialist physicians. However, circumcisions that are not performed by specialist physicians can become a public health problem that can affect more than 100 children out of 1000. Before circumcision, the child’s bleeding history should be questioned and blood diseases such as hemophilia should be determined. With the general physical examination, it should be checked whether the penis, testis and genital anatomy are normal.

Like any surgery, this surgery has some risks/complications.

1. The penis may not look aesthetically pleasing.

2. The tip of the penis may be injured during the procedure. In this case, additional surgical intervention may be required.

3. Postoperative bleeding may occur in the area where the procedure is applied. In this case, additional treatment can be applied (<0.1%).

4. If excess foreskin remains, it may be necessary to repeat the procedure.

5. The scar tissue formed can block the flow of urine from the tip of the penis. In this case additional

surgical intervention may be required.

6. Infection can enter the blood in children.

From cutting off the head of the penis completely, causing curvature; Complications that can affect sexual life and urinary tract health can be seen, from displacement of the urinary opening to difficult urination.

If it is not repaired in a late period, it may cause the following problems.

  • stricture in the urinary tract
  • a second hole
  • Curvature of the penis
  • Poor wound healing, scar tissue (soda bottle appearance)
  • Cosmetic bad appearance and deformity

Emergency operating room and hospital conditions are required for the repair of the complications.

Ignorant, inexperienced or uninterested; Circumcisions performed by unauthorized persons under inappropriate conditions often turn out to be faulty circumcisions. Especially in mass circumcisions, these rates increase.

Faulty circumcision treatment

Repairs are made by pediatric urologists or pediatric surgeons. Faulty circumcisions that occur in the early or late period are intervened in operating room conditions. Appropriate intervention is performed in children who have undergone surgery following general anesthesia or sedation.

Uncorrected circumcision errors and complications cause lifelong mental and sexual problems in the child and family. It is estimated that there is a high rate of erroneous circumcision in our country, but sufficient studies have not been conducted.

It is best to perform circumcision by urology surgeons in operating room conditions. If it is not done in expert hands, it is far from being a harmless traditional practice. Finally, it is reported by the physicians on duty working in urology emergencies that traditional circumcisers and mass circumcision practices are responsible for the majority of circumcision errors. The importance of circumcision should be explained to the public, and parents should be encouraged to pay attention to who will perform the circumcision and under what conditions.


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