Cigarettes and Leather

Smoking is the second most important factor that accelerates skin aging after sun damage. It increases fine lines on the skin. It impairs the elasticity of the skin. What we call ‘smoker face’ in heavy smokers; bruising on the lips and gums, a pale gray color on the face and an increase in wrinkles on the face and an increase in lines, especially around the mouth, on the lip corners, which are increased by the repetitive pulling movement of cigarette smoke will develop.

Antiaging creams..

The cosmetics industry has created a serious economic market. Because rightfully so, nobody wants to age prematurely and wants to look young and beautiful. For this reason, this rapidly developing sector is developing rapidly to respond to this demand. And unfortunately, very manipulating and convincing words to buy the product with slogans like ‘no aging’ in cosmetics aisles, ‘no wrinkles in 1 month or 2 weeks later’ are unfortunately absolutely not true.

Healthy diet and skin

Recently, everyone around me is in a craving to lose weight. Everyone either goes to a dietitian or I apply karatay in their own way or any fashion goes after a slimming person. However, it is actually very simple. To transform the way of eating into a way of life. When we remove simple sugars and processed foods from our lives, everything becomes much easier. By taking the time, he can carefully change his eating preferences.

Scientific studies show that when cocaine and sugar are eaten (all kinds of candy, chocolate cakes, all sugary foods..) the center that is stimulated in our brain is the same.. that is, all carbohydrates are addictive and when they are not eaten, unfortunately, chocolate and sweet crises like cocaine crisis begin. . This situation initially initiates insulin resistance, which is very common today. (many people describe me as having hypoglycemia) and gradually increases the risk of diabetes.

Insulin is the hormone that regulates the sugar level in our blood. It increases in direct proportion to the level of sugar in our blood. Because insulin is responsible for bringing the increased sugar in the blood into the cell. After we eat, our blood sugar rises and insulin rises and the sugar in the blood is introduced into the cell. If we eat a lot of sweet .. chocolate-like foods, the same amount of fast and high amount of insulin will be secreted and the more insulin is secreted, the faster the sugar in the blood will be taken into the cell and we will feel hungry again very soon.. this is a vicious circle As we go on like this, we are faced with getting too hungry, eating too much and being fat.. We are faced with impaired insulin regulation and many diseases that are invited by diabetes and obesity.

Of course, the psychological dimension of the desire to eat sweet food is also very high. Serotonin (the hormone that gives us pleasure and happiness) secreted from the brain with sweet food makes people addicted.. This pleasure, which lasts for a very short time, unfortunately costs a lot..

For this reason, I recommend everyone to love vegetables, which are the healthiest food, and to eat this way.

Another wrong diet practiced today is that especially young people who do sports and want to build muscle are fed with intense protein and protein powders. We are herbivorous creatures by nature and we think that we can only get protein from meat and fish, despite the fact that green leafy vegetables and legumes contain high protein. But maybe we didn’t pay any attention.. those very strong cows are fed with grass (grass) all day.. Did you know that there is a very high protein in the grass? Many people now meet their daily protein needs by planting grass on the balcony of their home or in the garden, squeezing the juice and drinking grass juice. There is also a very high amount of protein in green leafy vegetables (arugula, parsley, celery and stalks, spinach, chard).

I would also like to touch on the very fashionable alkaline diet. Of course, first of all, I would like to share with you the scientific background of human blood pH and why alkaline nutrition is really beneficial. The pH of our blood is 7.4. We all know that Ph<7 is Acidic and Ph>7 is Alkaline. So we humans are alkaline at 7.4. Since it will mix with the blood in everything we eat, it must first turn into 7.4. Therefore, no matter how acidic we are fed with a pH <7 (acid drinks; cola.. processed foods, fast food..), many toxins will emerge while these foods are converted to 7.4. The more alkaline we eat (green leafy foods.. all uncooked vegetables, alkaline water..) the more we harmonize with the blood pH and the digestion takes place without the release of toxins, and we are also at peace internally.

Believe me, eating healthy and a healthy inner life affect our skin health as much as it affects our whole body health.. just try for a while and eat live uncooked vegetables at every meal.. don’t consume any carbohydrates and don’t eat acidic at all and observe the change in your skin.. healthier vibrant skin It will affect both your mental health and your skin.

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