Chronic fatigue during the coronavirus period

I hope you have more energy than yesterday, but I don’t think so! Because as we stay inactive, fatigue increases. Yes, you heard right. Inactivity increases fatigue. This will be the 1st case I will talk about.
We actually do little things in our daily life. We go to work, we chat with a friend, we go shopping, we go on a visit. In fact, they keep us on the go. Movement allows us to give new stimuli and changes to the brain. The brain loves novelty. In the case of innovation, chemicals (dopamine) in the brain are activated and fatigue can be eliminated. For example, the feeling you experience when you buy a new phone that you want so much, go to a place you want to see, change the place of things in the house, is that your brain is activated due to innovation. We feel tired these days, especially because we can’t experience anything new because we stay at home. What should we do? It is necessary to take action and be exposed to different stimuli and make small changes. You should not leave small exercises at home. When we are inactive, our brain switches itself to energy saving mode, just like in phones, and switches to minimum energy usage, allowing us to stay still even more.
There is also the second case. Those who feel tired due to anxiety… The most common complaints I hear these days are insomnia, heart palpitations, muscle aches, feeling of being stuck, appetite problems, hot flashes etc. It’s understandable to experience anxiety when there is a real threat, but even the most mechanical people we know have begun to experience fears that amount to panic attacks. Without distracting the subject, I should state that anxiety can cause fatigue. Constantly thinking about a subject (financial issues, virus, social isolation, bans) will increase our anxiety and consume our energy. During anxiety, body functions accelerate. This causes us to feel more tired. This is just like using the body at high performance. Your battery will run out immediately. What to do? We need to make adjustments to the thoughts and events that worry us. We need to pay attention to our diet and sleep. Nutrition and sleep are the masters of all psychological troubles.
Or forget everything.. Wait.. Somehow, when life returns to normal, will you continue to live the way you used to be? Maybe one less, one more…

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