Chromotherapy (treatment with colors) consists of using colors in various forms and systems to balance the nervous systems of people and thus to prevent some diseases.

The main systems applied are listed as “changing the color of the patients’ clothes, using different colors of glass in the windows, differentiating the color of the lamps, creating a certain color combination with water”. In addition to color balances, details such as meditation, good nutrition and a suitable environment are also important.

According to a research; Warm colors raise blood pressure, cold colors lower it. Red, a warm color, has a stimulating effect. Because it resembles blood, the impression it creates can be painful and sad. Here, the color is to portray another physical event that has a distressing effect.

Cool colors that give rest and peace; It evokes feelings such as order, peace, freedom. When used in an overdose, it can have a dismal, even demoralizing effect; they can evoke laziness, sluggishness, dreaminess, and sensuality.


It is the warmest, dominant and energetic color.

It has a very stimulating effect.

It makes you forget the time, it makes you hungry.

It symbolizes fire, blood, love, sincerity, power and aggression.


It gives peace, comfort and calmness.

It is the color of faith, determination and happiness.

It symbolizes loneliness, sadness, depression, wisdom, trust and loyalty.

It signifies determination and commitment.

Increases efficiency and performance.


It represents self-confidence.

Appetizing, remarkable.

Yellow is the expression of impermanence. That’s why taxis are yellow all over the world.

It accelerates metabolism.

Symbolizes open-mindedness and inspiration.


It symbolizes fertility, growth, trust, sharing, harmony and generosity.

It has a calming and eye-enhancing effect.

It is a color that relaxes the eyes and reduces the feeling of excitement.

Sometimes it symbolizes laziness.


It is associated with loyalty, endurance, wisdom, and reliability.

It is a color known for providing concentration.


It symbolizes purity, innocence, stability, peace, continuity and cleanliness.


It is the color of nobility, power, luck and sovereignty.

It is the color of calmness, romance, sensuality and passion.


It conveys messages of stability, strength, maturity and reliability.

It feels solid and reliable.

Brown creates a natural, relaxed and open atmosphere.


It is a romantic and delicate color.

It has a calming effect.

It can also be defined as the expression of being healthy and always staying young.


Orange is an extroverted, exciting and happy, dynamic, striking, striking and heartwarming color.

It is the color of ostentation and pomp.

It gives vitality, courage and confidence.

It activates the mind.


It is one of the most easily perceived colors by the eye.

It is a color that expresses modesty and has an element of balance.

Of course, colors have an effect on us. But of course, it affects us as much as the colors we use in our lives. That’s why it’s not what color you use, but your psychology when using colors.

I wish you a life in the tones you want to live.

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