Choosing a Profession Is Choosing a ‘Lifestyle’

To my precious young friend and his precious family…

If you have important decisions for the future, if you care about success; If you are aiming to be strong, happy and successful, there are a number of steps you need to pay attention to. There are some questions that the young person should pay attention to, ask themselves and answer;

  1. For a correct career plan and career choice, you must first know yourself correctly. A person who knows himself is the one who can analyze his goals and abilities correctly.

  2. You should know what your strengths are.

  3. You must be determined.

  4. You should be aware of your talents, interests, skills, know what your enthusiasms are, and you should not confuse your talents with your enthusiasm in the career choice process. Keeping in mind that the job you choose will be with you for the rest of your life, you should choose the job you love to do. Most of the people who are both unhappy and unsuccessful in their jobs are those who cannot make the right decision in choosing a profession. A profession chosen voluntarily cannot be studied for years and practiced for a lifetime. At this point, you should not allow the intrusive attitudes of your family or environment. Don’t forget! You shouldn’t be a doctor just because your family wants it. Even if you are, you should know well that the doctor who is sullen and not good in his profession will not be preferred.

  5. You must have goals. Having goals will allow you to program your brain more accurately and study more planned.

  6. You need to understand what excites you. It doesn’t matter how big your goal is. The important thing is how well you know your target profession. If you don’t know your goal, you can’t reach it. Being able to know your target is hidden in knowing yourself.

  7. You have to find out what you enjoy.

  8. The personality should be aware of how the structure is; You should answer the question of whether you are more social or more introverted, and you should especially consider this in your career choice.

  9. Remember success is in the details. You have to design your future in detail in your mind.

  10. You should have a determined personality structure, you should strengthen your self-confidence and determined structure even more.

  11. Of course, you will encounter difficulties in the process. The important thing is to tackle these challenges.

  12. Not to the attraction of the part you don’t know in your career choice; You should pay attention to the logic. Do not forget that if today’s popular profession is not suitable for your personality, it will not be the right profession choice for you and it will not be a popular profession in the future.

  13. You have to be innovative. You should be careful to make the right choice by researching newly developing and newly recognized professions.

  14. Life is a social piggy bank. It is as important as your academic success, your future plans, as well as saving friends in your social piggy bank.

  15. You will compete with yourself first. Because man’s only competitor is himself. You have to use your mind well in the process.

  16. Of course, there will be obstacles in this process or declines. These negativities will exist not to slow you down or stop you, but to make you stronger.

  17. You have to discern well whether there are failures or the consequences of giving up.

  18. One cannot deceive another, cannot deceive another. First he deceives himself, first he lies to himself. That is why we should not deceive ourselves or others. Without forgetting that the greatest legacy is truth, we should make it a habit to live without ignoring our values ​​in the process.

It is not only the academic success of the person who leads to happiness in life, but also his personal capital, his life success. It should not be forgotten that the concept of success is variable at every age. While academic success is important in the twenties, professional success is important in the thirties… Therefore, the priority should be personal investment, not success. In order to move forward with healthier and more confident steps on the path of life, one should know himself, be determined and set goals. Success is what we strive to achieve throughout our life, which has become our priority, and which we devote all our time to and spend our strength on. An important detail should not be overlooked here; It would be very illusory to expect success without happiness without inner peace.

What did the poet say? “An immature desire does not listen to the promise of tomorrow. How happy is that person who has achieved tomorrow from today”

So he set a goal, so he worked…

It should not be forgotten that it is our thoughts and the quality of our thoughts that make us who we are. Carrying oneself forward or backward on the path to success begins primarily in the person’s thinking system. We must first believe in the goals we want to reach, at the level of thought. A number of methods can be tried to improve thinking power. You know that the brain works automatically. It is useful to benefit from a number of methods in order to get out of the automatic operation of the brain and to improve the thought system.

For example, for right-handed people, looking in the mirror, brushing teeth with the left hand, combing hair or writing, choosing a different route to go home or work…

In this way, different parts of the brain will be stimulated and it will be possible to develop the power of thought.

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