Chondromatosis, multiple chondroma, olier’s disease, mafucci syndrome

The presence of more than one chondroma (benign tumor of cartilage origin) in the body is called chondromatosis. In cases where osteochondroma (a benign tumor containing bone and cartilage cap) is seen more than once (osteochondromatosis), there may be genetic transmission, while there is no genetic transition in chondromatosis. It is often seen on one half of the body. If it is very common in the body, it is called Ollier’s disease. When seen together with soft tissue hemangiomas (benign tumor of vascular origin), it is called Mafucci syndrome.

Chondromatoses can cause deformities in the body and can turn into chondrosarcoma (malignant tumor of cartilage origin).

They are less common than chondromas. It can be seen at all ages. The most common location is the hands.

Multiple chondromas can grow excessively and cause severe deformities. The probability of transformation into sarcoma (malignant tumor) has been reported between 10-30% in different studies. When it turns into a malignant, it can often turn into chondrosarcoma, but it can also turn into fibrosarcoma and osteosarcoma.

Treatment :

There is no treatment for the disease directly. Curettage and/or filling with bone graft can be applied to the tumor causing the complaint.

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