Chip Prosthesis

used in aesthetic breast augmentation surgerychip inside the prosthesis a digital ID card does its job. This chip carries information including the volume, shape, shell structure, date of manufacture, place of manufacture and serial number of the prosthesis. Thus, no matter how many years have passed since the operation performed, this information can always be accessed by means of a detector held on the chest. Secondly, with the help of the detector held on the chest, the silicone around the temperature changes we can measure. In this way, we will be able to detect possible surgical complications (such as intra-tissue bleeding and infection) in the early period. Chip prosthesis again ‘super gel’ It is the ergonomic form produced with the content called Ergonomic form breast prostheses appear as a third option, apart from round and drop form breast prostheses. The prostheses in this form are shaped according to the position of the body, for example, they take the form of drops when standing and become round when lying on the back. Thus, the natural structure of the breast is better imitated. Nanotechnology It is said that tissue adhesion is good and the irritation rate is very low because it is produced with And late complications are said to be greatly reduced. In addition, the complication rate in breast augmentation is very low in experienced hands. In summary, the correct prosthesis selection and the correct placement plan can only be understood when the patient is examined. A different plan should be made for each patient.

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