Chip Baby

In the microchip vaccination method, the best sperms are selected with the help of technology and used in vaccination. The aim of the method is to select the healthiest, motile, fast and high quality sperms and use them in the vaccination treatment. When vaccinating with healthy sperms, the chance of conceiving is increased. This method can be applied to all couples who have not been able to get pregnant despite unprotected intercourse for about 1 year, especially male infertility and unexplained infertility (if suitable conditions can be met after uterine tube film and sperm analysis).

Thanks to the mechanism in the microchips, weak sperms are eliminated. At the same time, the negativities that may occur during the transfer of sperm are prevented. The chips ensure that sperm with intact DNA and the best chromosomal structure are easily obtained, thus increasing the chance of pregnancy.

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