Chin Tip Aesthetics

The fact that the chin is long or short, small or large due to genetic or acquired factors means that the whole face is affected aesthetically. If the chin is small, an incomplete completion operation is performed with the person’s own tissue (see Vaser Liposuction) or by placing a prosthesis. Since this process is done through the mouth, no traces are visible. The chin reduction operation is; It is based on the principle of taking the excess part and giving the new shape.

When is Jaw Surgery Performed?

Surgical interventions on the chin area are generally performed for aesthetic purposes. Apart from this, there may be compulsory operations with orotdontises.

How is chin rasp done?

Chin filing surgery is a type of chin aesthetics used in practice. It is usually done to reduce very long or wide jaws. It is not correct to use in very long jaw surgeries. Therefore, it is a one-to-one practical surgery for mini chin reduction procedures. Chin rasping operations are performed with an incision made in the mouth. The surgery is performed with general anesthesia. The patient should be careful about eating and drinking for a while after the surgery and should be kept under control for 1 month. As a result, it is possible to meet a smaller chin after 1 month.

Chin Tip Aesthetics

These surgeries performed on the chin tip may include different techniques. If we want to give an example, if a person’s chin is dented backwards, that area can be filled with fillers and silicones. If it is short, it can be extended forward with surgical screws. Or if it has come too far forward, it can be solved with rasping operations. Chin tip surgery is not a standard surgery. The jaw structure of the person determines the type of surgery. Surgery should be performed in accordance with the facial structure. Patients who want to have facial aesthetics or those who want to reduce the nose usually do not know that the problem is in the chin. For a patient who wants to have facial aesthetics, there are usually interventions on the chin.

When will I resume a normal life?

In some cases after the surgery, the patient is discharged on the same day, in some cases a day later. It is recommended that the patient be fed with liquid for 1 week, especially after the Jaw Augmentation Surgery. Returns to daily life after an average of 1 week.

Is Chin Aesthetics Risky?

The surgeries are performed by plastic surgeons under general anesthesia. These are operations that take an average of one hour. No scars are seen after the operation. Since it is a surgical plastic surgery, you may have swelling around your chin for a week.

How Long Does the Jaw Aesthetics Operation Take?

Jaw Aesthetic Surgery takes an average of 1-1.5 hours.

Does the Prosthesis Attached to the Jaw Have a Harmful Effect on Health?

Prostheses placed on your chin after chin aesthetics do not pose a problem for your health. You do not have a chewing problem for feeding.

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