Chin Filing

The developments in jaw surgery have brought many new processes. Chin tip aesthetics, which is one of the methods applied in chin aesthetics and chin rasp Alternatives such as these are made in accordance with the facial structure of each individual. In chin rasping, first of all, the patient’s chin and facial structure are examined. Then, if the length of the chin is below a certain limit, chin filing is applied. However, it is important not to apply aesthetic treatment to jaws that are above the specified limit.

Before Chin File Aesthetics

First of all, this application is carried out in order to make the chins that are not too long look more beautiful and smaller. It is also within the scope of operations that require general surgery. It is essential for the patient to go for a monthly check-up after the procedure and pay attention to his nutrition. The chin tip aesthetic, which can be preferred as an alternative to chin filing, is applied to individuals with a flattened chin structure.

During the treatment process, the lower and upper jaws are examined separately. If the upper jaw aesthetic is to be performed, the patient’s x-ray is taken and the tooth positions are corrected. After the necessary preparations are completed, the operation begins. The same processes apply in lower jaw aesthetics. The specialist plastic surgeon starts the operation process after all the examinations.

Before the treatment, the patient should not consume blood thinning foods and drugs at least 10 days before. In addition, patients who smoke should also quit smoking 2 or 3 weeks before the procedure. If chin aesthetics will be preferred together with facial aesthetics, a more comprehensive interview will be held with the aesthetic surgeon.

How is Chin File Aesthetics Performed?

Initiated by giving the patient general anesthesia chin rasp Aesthetics is the process of rasping the chin tip with special medical instruments. If this application, which continues for about 2 hours, will be done through the mouth, there will be no trace of surgery. However, in the rasping surgery to be performed from the outside, the surgical scar will remain for a certain period of time. It should also be noted that the surgical scar will disappear spontaneously during the recovery period. In this process, which is done to make the chin proportional to the face area, chin shortening techniques are also used.

Things to Consider After Chin Filler Aesthetics

After the procedure, there may be bruising and swelling at the tip of the chin. However, these conditions resolve on their own after a while. Post-operative pain can also be controlled with medications prescribed by the doctor. After the surgery, patients can return to work life after resting for 1 week. The full recovery period after chin rasp aesthetics is between 1 and 3 weeks. In addition, 1 to 3 days of rest in the hospital may be recommended.

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