Children and Technology

In today’s conditions, it does not seem possible to reject the place of technological devices in our lives and not to include them in our lives. With the covid19 epidemic process we are in as the world and the distance working and distance education process that came into our lives with it, the process we spent in front of the computer has increased a lot. So, how do we protect our children from technology that is so attractive, life facilitating and widespread for individuals of all ages?

Now there is a generation born into the world of technology. For this generation, playing computer games and spending time in front of the screen is the biggest entertainment, but banning will not work and will have the opposite effect. As in every process, what we need to do when using technology is to be a conscious consumer, to teach your child how to use it and to benefit from technology. However, in order not to be harmed while benefiting from technology and to be able to benefit from it, what the parent should do is to set limits to the child. One of the things that mislead parents the most, the child’s mastery of technology at an early age and using tablets and phones comfortably are not an indicator of intelligence. According to their parents, children who are introduced to technology and the virtual world earlier are more skilled when using technology. The child, who thinks this ability is an indicator of intelligence and does not limit himself, becomes prone to dangers in terms of time and content, as he spends more time. The fact that users can communicate with each other in interactive, that is, virtual online games, which have increased in recent years, creates a risk factor by making children vulnerable in terms of sexual abuse and substance use.


Zero screen contact is recommended, especially in the 0-3 age period. At this age, it is quite wrong to use the screen for the child’s eating and appetite. It causes chronic anorexia in children who are forced to eat in front of the screen.

One of the things parents should do is be a role model. We cannot expect from children the behaviors that we do not practice in our own lives. Because children learn by seeing, not by hearing. At this point, what needs to be done is to review the parent’s own use of technology and to balance it by applying it to their own life. Children who constantly see the phone in their parents’ hands will do the same, and your suggestions will be useless against your child.

If your child spends a lot of time with technology, overreacts when you take it away, and has difficulty setting boundaries, you should remember that such situations may cause technology addiction in the future. In this case, families should definitely seek help from a specialist.

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