Children and stress

Stress is a natural reaction of the body when it is necessary to react to a new event or phenomenon. Not being at peace and relaxed means being in a constant state of tension. In fact, the stress response that emerges in order to protect the person, when observed too much, can deteriorate the quality of life and functionality of the person. Stress has become one of the most important problems of our time. Young, old, male or female, we are all affected by stress more or less in the fast flow of life. Therefore, stress has started to become a problem that affects not only adults but also our children. As adults we learn to cope in some way, but it may not be the same for our children.

According to recent studies, we see that our children are also seriously affected by stress. In fact, short-term moderate stress is an emotional state that has positive effects on everyone and enables us to focus, while the increased state of moderate stress begins to impair the functionality and quality of life of us and our children. The stress factor experienced varies for everyone and not everyone perceives the same event in the same way. As in adults, the personality traits and predispositions of children determine the level of being affected by stress. A situation that is a stress factor for one child can be extremely natural for another child. If the stress experienced turns into chronic stress, depression and other psychological problems may occur in children after a while.

Whatever the source of stress, it should not be forgotten that it can cause serious problems and developmental delays in the development of children. When faced with stressful situations, it is necessary to know that not all children give the same reaction, and that each child may show different reactions depending on their age and level of being affected by stress. Depending on the intensity of the stress, some children may show introversion and disconnection from other individuals, while some children may display outward aggressive behaviors. The important criterion here is to detect the stress in the child and to intervene in a timely manner. Anxiety disorders, sleep and nutrition problems, changes in behavior and mood, damage to self-confidence, deterioration in relations with the environment and other individuals, and significant decreases in school and course success can be observed in children who cannot be detected, unresolved and who experience long-term stress.

There are two main causes of stress in children. These are the causes that arise from internal sources and the causes that arise from external sources. Causes according to internal sources; We can say that the reasons that depend on the development of the child, the reasons that arise from the characteristics of the child and the physical causes. Another factor is the causes arising from external sources. We can give many examples such as family order, friend environment and social environment, school and exam anxiety, sibling jealousy.

Family attitudes and family environment are very important in the process of the child’s stress. If the situation causing stress and anxiety is known clearly and clearly, parents should encourage and encourage the child to face their fear. Ignoring the problem and trying to cover it up for reasons such as not embarrassing the child or not getting his reaction is the worst way to choose in stress management. Since it is not possible for our children not to experience stress, parents should prepare their children for stressful environments and life by displaying the right attitude. If we list them;

To express our respect and love for their personality and characters and to act accordingly,

Accepting it as it is without comparing it with others,

Instead of seeing this process as an insurmountable shortcoming in the face of failures, to be able to turn positive sentences into motivation,

Giving children age-appropriate responsibilities,

Appreciate your positive features

Bringing up what they can do, not what they can’t do,

To meet his mistakes naturally and to help him make up for those mistakes with the least damage.

It should also be remembered that no matter what happens, it is very important to remember that the child is your child and will always need your love and support.

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