childhood fears

Fear is the child’s emotional response to what he considers a danger. It is normal for children to have different fears as they grow up. Between the ages of 0-2, there may be sudden sounds, separation from the parents, while between the ages of 2-3 years there may be imaginary figures, darkness, strangers. We can see the issues related to toilet training between the ages of 3-6, the possibility of separation from the parents, the harm from the outside world, the fear of supernatural beings, the fears that can be encountered in daily life between the ages of 7-12, school, rejection, accident, death and failure in social environments. Fear should never be used as a discipline tool, let alone raising children. While listening to their children’s fears, parents should not reflect their own concerns on children. Parents should ask their children to describe what they are afraid of, and the child should be made to feel that they are with him and that his fears are cared for.

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