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Do you have children? Interested in education? Despite all the efforts and activities around us in the name of education, are you in awe as to where so much stupid human behavior comes from? Do not be afraid; This mystery has long been solved by humanity. It is not difficult to immerse a person in permanent stupidity from a young age. Once you understand the method, your confusion will pass. Here are the most basic rules for “raising a competent fool from an innocent child”:

If you have a child:

In any case, take care of him. Don’t take any risks. Grow it in cotton. If it is a girl, say “my princess, my beautiful”, if it is a boy, “my lion, my handsome” etc.

that you never questioned in your life engrave your beliefs and habits into that little brain from a young age . Try all means for this.

Memorize useful slogans . Remember: no matter what the words say, slogans are the most powerful tool that often permanently stops the work of that bitter and mischievous brain.

If possible, give everything before he asks it. Don’t do anything he wants..

Feed it garbage. All kinds of sauced, ready-made, richly added and processed foods are the cornerstone of folly. . Get addicted to taste and pleasure.

Do your best not to think about it. Answer every question, even if it is a lie. You should never let what you don’t know!

Remind him of the solutions to the problems he has never experienced in his life as soon as possible. . Remember so that when you encounter a similar problem, you can’t think of something original or make a bulge.

Mention profusely the sons of Adam, who seem superhuman and do extraordinary things. But just chant; How those people got there, the troubles they went through, it doesn’t concern you or that innocent pup. Exaggerate the great people that he and ordinary people like you are doomed to folly; Let him be convinced early on how lame he will be in front of a handful of chosen people.

Tell him in your mood that all the ingenious work that needs to be done has been done. The easiest way to do this is: Do not try to put forward any creative work or idea in front of that pedophile.Even if by accident…

You’ve been through puberty too, but you’ve never been as ridiculous as this brat. Let him know when necessary.

Take school, education, and homework seriously and make sure she does too. Make sure that he constantly develops his weak points. Its strengths are of no interest to anyone.

When she asks questions you don’t know the answer to, get angry immediately. Do not research and learn; Especially don’t try to share what you’ve learned with that shorty.

Never neglect to raise awareness of any enemy. You have many enemy removal tools such as belief, language, race, country, favorite team, gender, food preference, income level. Use these tools to the fullest and consciously.

Do not move as much as possible. Reward any situation where he can sit like a vegetable. Hand over the tablet, the phone; feel comfortable.

Don’t confuse him by talking too much. Short orders and advice are enough. It does not suit you to deal with a teenager.

Do not be a child with a child; Do not bring new custom to the old village.

The beating isn’t that bad ; caress once in a while.

Remember that all children are born idiots. And don’t loosen the ropes until you get them.

Teach him well that he should be good “because you belong to such and such a group,” not because he is human. . Teach “others” so that they can narrow the world.

Do not relax as much as possible; Never tell about your past mistakes. You are perfect, never forget that.

A fool is the one who takes the spoon to his forehead instead of his mouth, who does not understand what you are saying to him.

An idiot is someone who says what he shouldn’t say at a given moment. He is the one who makes blunders unintentionally.

A fool is one who does not allow discussion and wants to reach definitive solutions by himself. He wants to close an issue never to be opened again.

The fool always speaks ignorantly.

The headless is different, his fault is logical, not social. At first glance, you get the impression that he is reasoning properly. That’s why it’s dangerous.

The headless is not content with being wrong, he claims his mistake loudly and shouting, declares it, and wants everyone to hear it. It is foolish to shout and shout an ordinary, ordinary truth.

Flaubert, He says that stupidity is to make judgments, to want to conclude. The stupidity that Flaubert loved so much is much more common, much more fertile. There is a kind of kinship between error and stupidity.

Stupidity is a form of managing stupidity with arrogance and persistence.

In the past, stupidity didn’t show itself, it didn’t show itself in a prominent way, today it says what comes to its mouth.

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