child development at 6 months

In the 6th month, your baby’s physical development accelerates. Can sit unassisted. But from time to time it can tip to the right and left. It may be necessary to be on guard to avoid hitting his head. Can hold objects with both hands and bring to mouth.

Recognizes objects with their mouth. The baby is in Freud’s oral stage. Hands and feet begin to get stronger. His perception is opened. He begins to take an interest in what is going on around him.

It is enjoyable to be able to take the object in your hand, turn it, maybe let it go and watch them. He is doing something as an individual. It’s a lot of fun to make a sound when it hits objects. Especially if it is high, it starts to drop it to the ground. Throwing is not common during these months. He leaves what he has and waits for it to fall, so he may not look back. But he knows that whatever he releases from his hand will make a sound. While doing this, the concept of soft-hard slowly begins to develop. Softs don’t make a sound.

Towards the end of this month, he begins to follow the objects he has left his hand. Following the object indicates that object permanence is beginning to develop. He noticed that different objects, like a scientist, make different sounds.

Since he is physically stronger from the 6th month, he can turn right where he lay. It is important not to be left alone. You should put soft supports around the place where it lies.

Opening perceptions is an opportunity not to be missed. Any stimulus you give is invaluable. Auditory, visual or tactile stimuli enable the baby to recognize the world. Of course, I am not talking about the visual stimuli provided by electronic devices. Music can be played. But the image should not be. You can imitate the movements he makes or the sounds he makes.

You can also start books this month. You don’t need to understand the book. Books with lots of pictures and less text should be preferred. The fact that the pictures are pictures that the child may like will make it easier for them to look. It is enough for him to see the book and you to be reading it to him. It might be helpful to read a little exaggeration. At least you can prevent it from getting bored quickly.

Of course, don’t just focus on the writing while reading the book. Say everything in the pictures one by one, such as a tree, cat, lion, cloud… Show what you are saying while saying it. Saying it without showing it would be meaningless. Our aim is not to teach, but we can start to realize that there is a connection between books, objects and language.

You can imitate animals and make the sounds of vehicles. In other words, if you read books as if spending time with your baby in general and spending time to the fullest is an important task, your baby will feel that energy and get bored quickly, but making the actions more fun will affect your relationship very positively.

You can sing songs. It will monitor your body and mouth. Your gestures are very valuable. You can dance. If you repeat it, but not at the same time, it will try to make the interesting sounds you make with your mouth movements. He will swing his arms and legs as if he were dancing.

This process will give you and your baby a lot of pleasure. Things aside, at least the time spent on social media can turn into a much more useful and satisfying activity with your baby.

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