Child and Adolescent Psychology

Undoubtedly, child and adolescent psychology is very difficult. As a result, we have all been through these paths and are able to empathize. We need to be there for our children during this period. Our children who are not supported during these periods may have problems in their social life in the future. Therefore, it is absolutely essential that we support children at this age. Not only in adolescence, but also in childhood and all imaginable times, we must support our children and communicate with them empathically. If this is done, our children will not have any problems or difficulties in their social lives in the future. In short, it is extremely important that the family communicates with the child by empathizing and does not spare their support during these periods.

Postponing your child during these periods can be a great destruction for your child. Even though it doesn’t feel right now, it may suffer serious social problems in the future. Therefore, you should never delay your child and spend quality time with them. This is very important for both your child and you. Children are obsessed with everything during this period. In other words, a miscommunication problem that starts in the family can negatively affect the child’s development. Therefore, it is very important not to reflect family conversations on the child. During this period, our children are very touchy. They can get obsessed with any simple thing called and get pretty upset. In short, it is extremely important for your child’s development that you keep the conversations that may wear down your child well within the family.

We can explain the psychological distractions that may affect the development of the child as follows:

  • Sibling jealousy, the arrival of a new baby in the family.

  • Divorce and separations.

  • Family miscommunication.

  • Fighting in the family, gambling and unemployment.

  • Difficulty starting school.

  • Fear and anxiety disorders.

  • Obsessive or compulsive repetitions.

  • Psychological problem in the family.

  • Nightmares, waking up crying at night.

  • Friend exclusions.

In these and similar cases, the child may be adversely affected and may need to receive personalized psychological treatment.

As we know, the adolescence period is the maturation of the child, the fluctuations that he may go through during adolescence affect the child in an extremely bad way. In order to minimize such situations, the child should be approached with empathy and the child should be taught to choose the friend environment well. No matter what, the child should not be overtaxed in every period, both in the childhood and adolescence period. It should not be forgotten that the child may fail in his social life later on.

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