Chemical Pregnancy

What is a chemical pregnancy?

Chemical pregnancy is a spontaneous abortion in the very early period of pregnancy before the gestational sac can form. In chemical pregnancies, the egg is fertilized, but the fertilized egg cannot turn into a healthy embryo and is discarded before it can settle in the uterus. The gestational sac is not observed in the ultrasound, it is diagnosed only by the elevation of the B-HCG hormone in the blood. Since chemical pregnancy results in miscarriage without any symptoms, it can also be called ‘silent abortion’.

Chemical pregnancy causes

Most of the chemical pregnancies are caused by genetic (chromosomal) disorders in the baby. The fertilized egg, which is genetically defective, is thrown out of the uterus before it can hold onto the mother’s uterus. In fact, this situation can be perceived as the body’s self-intervention in order to prevent unhealthy pregnancy processes.

Chemical pregnancy symptoms

Light spotting or bleeding following a positive pregnancy test is the most common chemical pregnancy symptom. Since pregnancy loss occurs in a very early period, a large amount of bleeding in the form of piece dropping is not expected in the mother. Diagnosis is made by the elevation of the B-HCG hormone in the blood, accompanied by bleeding, which usually lasts 3-5 days and stops spontaneously.

chemical pregnancy treatment

In chemical pregnancy, it is an adequate treatment to follow only B-HCG without the need for abortion or any medical intervention. It should be followed at regular intervals until the B-HCG value in the blood reaches zero. If this value decreases regularly over time, there is no need for additional treatment. However, if there is no decrease in B-HCG value, ectopic pregnancy or a different problem may occur.

How long should it be protected after a chemical pregnancy?

It is sufficient to be protected with any of the birth control methods for 2-3 months after a chemical pregnancy. After this period, it is possible to get pregnant again.

Will a chemical pregnancy recur?

If the expectant mother does not have a different problem, a healthy pregnancy and birth can occur after chemical pregnancy. The risk of recurrence of miscarriage in subsequent pregnancies is the same as in every woman, but not higher.

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