Chemical peeling and light peeling

The term peeling means the controlled peeling of the upper layers of the skin. The aim is to make the skin look brighter, tighter and smoother by creating healthier and younger cells. With regular practice; Brown spots on the skin, namely pigment irregularities, can be eliminated, and acne scars can be treated.

Nowadays, the “light peeling” preferred by world-famous movie stars is a new solution for getting rid of stains… With this method, it is now possible to get rid of spots caused by effects such as sun, birth and acne spots, melasma, and old age in a single session.

In addition, good results are obtained in melasma spots, which are very difficult to treat and are common. Very rarely, a second session may be needed in deep stains located on the skin. This method, like all peelings, is definitely not applied in summer and during pregnancy. It is effective on spots as well as creating a light effect on the skin, providing shine and it is possible to obtain a fresh skin. The method can be applied safely even on very sensitive skin.

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